Metabolic Information

Products found in this category are available to Ontario patients who have coverage from the Ontario MOHLTC, under the IMD Program.

Metabolic Information

The following is required to ensure patient coverage under the IMD program.

  1. Contact MOHLTC at 416-314-8528 for approval.

  2. Fill out the Formula Usage Sheet (FUS) form. The FUS reflects all products approved by the MOHLTC IMD program. A new FUS is required each time a new patient starts a metabolic formula or when a formula changes.

  3. Send the FUS form to Specialty Food Shop either by email at or by fax at 416-977-8394.

  4. Once the form in Step 3 is received, the patient can start placing orders by calling 1-800-737-7976 or online at


  • If the form is not filled out correctly, it will not be accepted and you will be contacted
  • If a patient attempts to order a formula that is not approved on the FUS, the order will not be filled and the patient will be informed that they will need to contact their dietitian for approval
  • If you do not see a covered product on the FUS, or you have any questions, contact the store Manager at
  • $0.00 formula is only dispensed to patients being followed by an Ontario Metabolic Dietitian from our location.


Metabolic resources:

Link to Formula Usage Sheet
Link to the file that contains a list of low protein foods covered for Ontario.
Link to the file containing a list for the low protein foods not covered by Ontario.
Link to the MOHLTC IMD program list of disorders.
Link to the MOHLTC OPDP IMD Coverage Application.